So, we have just built our dream family home – well I say “dream” but of course there are always monetary limits to what you can achieve when building.  But I can say it is well on the way to becoming our dream space. When we were initially walking the streets of display villages we came across one that had a small, cosy room that you walked through to enter the master bedroom.  This room had shelving full of books, a fireplace and an inviting couch covered with beautiful cushions and a throw.     Ahhhhhhhhhhh heaven.  Of course, our budget didn’t allow for this extra room and I had to give up the dream.        Or do I ???????

Home library Corowa


Our new master bedroom is quite large, with windows and French doors that open up to ….  Well at the moment nothing!!!!!  Our bedroom furniture is minimal, so now I am thinking I could create a similar space in our room.  What do you think???  And of course, I know exactly where to go to begin creating this space (yes I love where I work!!!).


I love books.  I love reading.  Books become my friends.  I love the feel and smell of physically opening a book (I can’t bring myself to kindle).  I love buying books and having them to read again (I have a memory like a sieve!).  I love sharing books with friends.  My favourite past time is perusing at my preferred book shop.  It’s my chosen book shop because they display not only the top ten reads for that week, but also their staff top ten picks.  These are the ones I always seem drawn too because the people working in this shop obviously love being in a job that surrounds them with books.


Needless to say I have an extensive collection of books. So how do I create a space that is not only clever in terms of storing and displaying all my favourites, but is also comfortable, inviting and MINE!!!!


Some suggestions in my research include a custom-made chair, plush fabrics and a coffee table that can fit a lamp, a book and a cup of tea (OK let’s be realistic – a glass of wine).  Another suggestion is to include some calming artwork.  Recessed or built-in shelves are probably ideal; however this isn’t an option as we didn’t take this into consideration when we were building.  And I suppose I can decorate bookshelves with personal items such as photos, candles and some cute bookends too.  What about a library ladder!!!!!  What about a hanging bookshelf which holds your books like a coat hanger as well as marking your place for the next reading!!!!  Gee I wonder where I could get someone to build me one of these…hmmmm.  I really do love where I work!!!  Which one is your dream home library???